Tuesday, November 17

Simon says

Simon says Terry never owned a suit and wouldn’t expect us to wear one at his funeral.

Simon says the family wants us all to wear casual clothes: “As if we were just going to the pub with Terry one last time.”

I chose conservatively, a dark short sleeved shirt, black jeans. My hand stretched past the Nike trainers and selecting office shoes instead. I wear them to the pub in case we go to a club after - it’s within the spirit of the rules.

I arrive and all are suited and booted. Even Simon has the audacity to come in a tie.

“What happened to casual wear?” I ask.

“This is casual,” Simon says.

“When did you last wear a tie to the pub?”

Simon says: “It’s still a funeral mate. Besides, it is a Bugs Bunny tie.”

I don’t listen to what Simon says anymore.

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